Certain driver’s license suspensions such as those imposed for a DUI offense are mandatory and therefore not eligible for appeal. However, some suspension-related court rulings are eligible for appeal. Your driver’s license attorney knows which are eligible for appeal and advises you of your chances of winning your appeal. 

Depending on your state, it is possible to appeal a driving suspension with a driver’s license lawyer in certain situations. These situations include the request for a restricted work-based license or a reduction in suspension time when false or inaccurate charges are filed against you.

Want to Appeal a Driving Suspension? Consider a Driver License Lawyer

Often the lawyer is able to establish that a chain of custody was breached by the investigating officer. 

Appealing a driving suspension is possible when a suspension is initially imposed. As stated, certain suspensions such as a DUI-related suspension are not able to be appealed. Otherwise, an appeal is only possible when a case or request is lost or denied. 

For example, it is necessary for you to earn a living to survive. To earn your living, you are required to show up for work. Restricted licenses are available to drivers in this situation. 

A restricted license allows you drive to and from work during specific hours on specific days of the week. Therefore, it is possible to appeal the imposition of an initial suspension so you are capable of going to work.

If your request is denied, it is then possible to appeal the denial. Filing an appeal with the assistance of a driver’s license lawyer gives you the best chance of success.