How to Lower Your Debt With these Top 5 Debt Relief Programs

Getting into debt often becomes insurmountable without using a debt relief program. COVID-19 pandemic-related issues created financial hardship for many people otherwise used to have stable finances. It is therefore important for many U.S. residents to lower their debt.

It is crucial to know your options for debt relief. Bankruptcy, IRS tax relief and consolidating debt onto low-interest credit cards are all viable ways to lower your debt. Hiring debt relief/management companies is also a viable method. Read ahead to learn how to lower your debt with the top five debt relief programs.

Debt Relief Options: Which One Is Best for You?
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When it comes to debt relief it is important to know all your options before choosing a method best suited for you. Modern times dictate a new level of financial awareness after so many hard-working Americans lost their jobs due to COVID-19-related layoffs and business closings. Getting into debt, especially when it is beyond your control, often becomes insurmountable for people choosing to not use some form of a debt relief program.

Filing for bankruptcy is one way to experience some form of debt relief. There are pros and cons to making such a move that needs to be weighed out carefully. 

For those owing the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) back taxes, tax debt relief from the actual IRS does exist under qualified circumstances.

Many Americans in debt also choose to hire a debt relief company to help consolidate and otherwise pay off outstanding balances. It is important to know the differences between legitimate debt relief services and those attempting to scam you out of additional money, however.

Finally, for those in debt but still having reasonable to good credit, it is possible to consolidate your outstanding debt using low-interest credit cards.

Some credit card companies allow balance transfers into your new account at low to no finance charges for a limited time. All these debt relief options are there for you to potentially use as applicable. Knowing these options are there is one step in the right direction. 

It is also crucial to understand the options and choose the best method for your financial needs.

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Updated on 05/17/2022