Want to Make $18-42 an Hour? Here's How to Get Hired

Working often feels like running in place to get ahead. What are the best remote jobs with the highest pay? You may be quite surprised. Data entry, customer service, product testing and inbound sales jobs are all available remotely. 

Learning what these jobs require and how to apply for them is the first step to increasing your wages while working from the comfort of your own home. Do you want to make $18-42 an hour? Here’s how.

Earn Cash Remotely With a Data Entry Job
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Data entry jobs are some of the best remote positions to obtain. The job does require astute attention to detail and the time and work environment in which to focus. The job title itself offers a fairly self-explanatory description of what it entails.  Data is collected, organized and entered into specific media/document formats as dictated by your employer and the layout of your job description.

Working a data entry job requires a stable Wi-Fi and internet connection. Attention to details over long, uninterrupted periods of time is crucial to performing the job accurately. 

Knowledge of and experience using Microsoft Office programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are most commonly required. In certain situations, your employer provides a different brand/type of software for you to use specifically for your data entry job.

A laptop or other computer is required. A printer is also possibly required, and sometimes even provided by your employer. 

Whatever software you use, it is required to know how to create and enter data into spreadsheets and other types of organizational documents.

The type of data being entered ranges from financial to customer/client contact information. It also includes information about employees, sales reports, inventory and more. 

Data entry jobs between $18-42 an hour are available. Amazon data entry jobs range between $13 and $20 an hour at the entry-level position. Other freelance data entry jobs pay more or less depending on your level of experience and employer needs. 

The faster you are able to type and the more organization software programs you are able to operate increase your value and also your wages.

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