Another remote position with the potential to earn $18-42 an hour is as a virtual customer service representative. Some companies call this type of employee a customer service agent or associate as well. 

Regardless of the exact title given, virtual customer service jobs involve fielding numerous calls and requests from customers and helping them get the desired positive results needed. Continue reading to learn more about the responsibilities of a customer service job.

Easy Virtual Customer Service Jobs That Pay a High Hourly Wage

What types of needs and requests do customers have?

Some customers are simply checking up on the delivery status of their purchases. Other customers are calling with any variety of complaints, including missing/broken items and receiving the wrong product entirely. 

Some customers are kind and easy to deal with, while others are irate and demanding. Your job as a virtual customer service agent is to resolve all issues with each customer in the most diplomatic, amicable and profitable manner possible for all sides involved.

Other aspects of this job usually  include processing refunds and sending out Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) labels for items customers need to return.

Your employer provides you with a script full of pre-written responses for various customer situations. It is necessary to have the ability to read the script naturally without actually sounding as if you are reading a script.

It is also necessary to speak in a clear, kind and stable tone so your customers are able to understand you and also know you care about their issues. Some virtual customer service jobs pay only minimum wage, however, many will add commission or bonuses to your pay as well.

It is possible to earn $24,000 a year and more working only twenty-five hours each week,  if you have more experience and skills at this position.