A product tester is required to fit a specific demographic needed by your employer to test products. For example, the testing of a cosmetic line is a job likely awarded to a female within applicable age groups who also has some social media influence.


The job also requires the ability to express yourself clearly and state the pros and cons of the product being tested. As a product tester you are most often dealing with products not yet on the open market. This is called BETA testing in most situations.

Become a Product Tester And Earn Up To $60k Per Year!

This means you are one of very few select people using the product prior to the general public having access to it. The job involves using the product extensively, reviewing and then documenting your opinions and the results.

Products range from cosmetic lines to video games, cell phone apps to computer software and more. A main skill required for this job is the ability to imagine yourself as the customer and assess what his or her reaction to the product might be. 

A product tester position can pay up to $60,000 per year.

The job pays well because it prevents a company or manufacturer from mass-releasing a product only to have it fail due to not being adequately tested first. 

The salaries paid to qualified product testers are significantly lower than the cost of mass-producing a failed product. 

BETA product testing is also a close-to-the-vest position and the signing of a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) by all employees is sometimes  required to obtain the job.