Easy inbound sales jobs involve fielding calls from prospective customers who are most likely already interested in the product(s) you are selling. Outbound sales, conversely, involve cold-calling customers and attempting to generate their interest in your product(s). Inbound sales calls are made by customers previously contacted by your company’s outbound sales and/or telemarking departments. 

In other cases, a customer discovered your company’s product either online or through word-of-mouth and made the call to ask questions about an item, or to simply purchase it from you.

Get $30/hr + WIth an Inbound Sales Job You Can Do From Your Couch

While these inbound sales calls are easier than those made in outbound sales, the selling of a product is not always guaranteed. A thorough knowledge of all the products you are selling is required.

It may surprise you to learn that while it helps to like the product you represent, it is not part of the job description. 

The ability to answer each customer’s questions with brevity to his or her satisfaction is often the key to finalizing a sale.

You need a fair amount of patience and calm to deal with consumers looking to make a purchase or ask a question because often the consumer is not interested in courtesies. 

Easy inbound sales jobs frequently pay an hourly wage plus commission based on each sale. 

Daily, weekly and/or monthly quotes are usually required to maintain the position. Inbound sales jobs have significant growth potential for qualified skilled salespeople. 

Income is capable of reaching $30 and hour or more. Highly skilled salespeople are also capable of earning six-figures annually when selling the right product for the right employer.