Requirements for participating in an online survey for money include a reliable Wi-Fi connection and laptop/computer, or a smart phone with a stable data plan and connection. This job requires very little previous skill or experience. The best way to earn $18-42 an hour by participating in online surveys is to type quickly and accurately, while taking as many surveys as possible each hour. 

Some surveys are simple and short, while others are more detailed and involved. Are there any tricks or tips to watch for when taking a paid survey participation job?

Get Paid to Complete Quick, Simple Online Surveys
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One tip is to understand that some surveys offer full up-front disclosure regarding your compensation and the type of survey being presented. Other survey websites use a points system to accrue your compensation in a way not so easy to understand. 

It is important to ask questions and understand the type of survey and payment situation you are engaging in prior to taking each job. Like product tester positions, paid online survey jobs target specific age groups and social demographics when scouting for employees. 

The more familiar you are with the topic of each survey, the better the job works out for both you and your employer.

Many customers have concerns about the legitimacy of certain survey sites. Several legitimate paid survey companies exist . MyPoints, InboxDollars and Swagbucks are all valid, legitimate companies, which pay as stated in their hiring terms. 

In addition to monetary compensation, rewards for certain stores or retailers such as Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart and more are usually  offered as part of your compensation. Make certain to understand all your terms prior to agreeing to take a paid survey. 

Payment is frequently made via Paypal or Google Pay. Sometimes your pay must accrue to a certain amount before it is sent to you. Other times your pay is bi-weekly or monthly.

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