Discover 2021’s Top Home Security Features for Renters and Homeowners

Discover 2021’s Top Home Security Features for Renters and Homeowners

No home is completely immune to burglars. Even the quietest street in America can become a target for break-ins. That’s why having a home or apartment security system is essential. But with so many options out there, how do you know which home security features to include?

Thanks to rapid advances in home alarm systems, there are dozens of security options you can add to better protect your home, family and possessions. In our quest to find the best home security system, we explore all the latest and greatest features that may help you improve the safety of your own house or apartment.

Continue reading the sections below to learn more about each type of feature.

Learn About the Features of Home Security Cameras

If you’re looking for a simple way to monitor your home, cameras may be best. There are several home security cameras on the market, each one having different features and price points. But the most basic cameras record the exterior of your home so you can monitor activity and see who is going in and out.

Some home security cameras kick it up a notch and notify you when motion is detected. Often, you can download an app and sync it with your camera system. When the camera records motion, you can get a notification to your mobile device. Other cameras may track movement, pivoting on their base to follow the subject that’s in motion. 

Other camera systems pair with multiple cameras, both indoor and outdoor, to arm your entire home. Google Nest cameras, for example, can be placed inside or outside, depending on your needs. The suite of products has varying levels of technology. Some have two-way audio, while others have close-up motion tracking.

Some camera systems may be a bit tricky to install, especially if they have complex wiring requirements. Luckily, you can purchase a wireless security camera system from several companies. This type of WiFi home security system offers easy installation without sacrificing features.

For example, SimpliSafe is one of the most popular wireless camera companies out there. You can purchase several battery-powered cameras that communicate wirelessly with one central “base.” Most of these cameras have a range of 400-500 feet, allowing you to cover a lot of space.

It’s important to note that some cameras operate independently of an alarm company, while others are connected to professional monitoring services. These are typically referred to as home alarm systems, since they do not solely rely on the use of cameras to monitor your home. Continue reading the next section to learn more about alarm systems. 

Find Out How Doorbell Cameras May Be Helpful Security Features

A doorbell camera is one of the most straightforward features you may choose to include in your overall home security system. Some may be connected to professional alarm companies, but you can choose to use them independently, too. The idea behind a doorbell camera is to record activity at your front door, which is typically the most visited entry point of the home.

Doorbell cameras are lower-cost alternatives to standard security cameras. These are great options for anyone living in an apartment or condo with one entry and exit point. Most doorbell cameras on the market are easy to install and don’t require a control panel, which means you can take them down and re-install them if you move to another home.

Sometimes, the best home security cameras are the most unassuming ones. No matter how small it may be, a doorbell camera may be able to help protect your family and your possessions from burglary.

Discover the Benefits of Modern Home Alarm Systems

Alarm companies offer additional security features that you can’t always get with cameras. There are various companies that provide live security monitoring and professional responses. Depending on the company you choose and the level of security you need, you may receive benefits such as:

  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • Automatic emergency personnel response.
  • Live professional help.
  • Professional installation (if necessary).

Most home alarm systems are designed to protect all entry points, too. If a door alarm goes off, for example, a high-pitched alarm or siren may begin to sound until you or a trusted family member turn it off using a unique code. If you are not home to enter the code, depending on the home security company, they may alert local authorities on your behalf. Often, the sound of the alarm may be enough to scare any potential burglars away.

Plus, if you live close to neighbors, the alarm will alert them to an emergency scenario. If you aren’t able to call for help or aren’t home to do it, neighbors may hear the loud sound of the alarm and recognize that something is wrong.

Many companies also offer alarms for other entry points, such as window alarms. This feature may be just as helpful as a door alarm, especially if you live on the ground floor of an apartment or condo complex that is easily accessible via window. When armed, the alarm can alert you or the local authorities to a potential break-in via your window.

Another great feature that many alarm companies offer is motion-detected lights. While not necessarily an “alarm,” this feature can deter would-be burglars who are thinking of entering your property. When they are in range of the motion sensor, your property lights will automatically turn on and flood the area with bright light. Burglars who are trying to break in under the cover of nightfall may be spooked enough to leave your property just from the bright lights.

Finally, while it may seem like a simple feature, it’s also good to know that many home alarm systems provide their customers with a window sticker or yard sign that warns intruders about the system in place. For some would-be criminals, these signs may be enough of a deterrent to deter them from entering your home.

Homes protected by alarm systems may be less likely to be broken into because the system adds another layer of difficulty for potential burglars. So, when you install an alarm system in your home, consider placing these signs somewhere visible.