Great deals on cable and internet bundles exist on the internet, but you must stick to recognized names. Many scams also live large on the internet and unfortunate consumers find themselves with terrible service or no service at all.

It is important to get familiar with some of the most popular and well-reviewed cable and internet service providers. Some of the best internet/cable/phone bundles are available from the following most popular carriers:

Discover Some Low-Cost Internet Service Providers
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Xfinity: Xfinity is a division of the large Comcast empire and as such has a powerful infrastructure. A large percentage of their customers utilize the bundling packages. Xfinity has a wide range of bundling configurations and are often willing to negotiate if you are willing to go into the store and speak face to face. 

Mixed reviews exist for those trying to speak to someone via phone or email to negotiate a better deal, so plan to make a trip to get your best deal with Xfinity. 

Cox Cable: Cox offers a wide variety of packages as well for their service areas. Combine TV, Internet and phone in a bronze, silver and gold tier package. If you only need TV and Internet, choose from bronze, silver, gold and platinum choices. 

The average cost of either types of bundles is around $100. 

AT&T: Known for their extraordinary phone service, AT&T also offers internet and television services in bundles. Their TV service is offered as a “no contract” service so you can cancel at any time. Because they use fiber optic cable their internet speed is considered highly consistent even at peak times and during bad weather. 

Their cable/tv bundle costs between $60-130 a month. 

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