Credit repair companies are available to help you repair your credit score and rating using specific processes. There are perhaps a surprising amount of credit repair companies available. Are all credit repair companies legitimate businesses? Unfortunately not all credit repair and debt collection agencies are legitimate. Many are, however, and it is important to know the difference between the two.

Legitimate credit repair services require you to follow a specific path toward achieving your credit repair goals. Scam companies attempt to rush you into making decisions and spending more money. 

Need Help From the Pros? Learn How to Find the Right Credit Repair Company Online

All credit repair companies charge money for their services. Legitimate services explain all costs, fees and explanations up front, prior to you signing any contracts. 

Scam companies keep this information vague if not completely hidden and attempt to get you to pay them prior to signing a contract. If they continue to pressure you, or explain that this is common practice, make sure you see it for the red flag that it is. 

Do not pay any money up front to a credit repair service before they do any work for you. 

By law, no money is permitted to exchange hands prior to your contract being explained and signed. Examples of legitimate credit repair companies include:

• Lexington Law Firm.

• Credit Saint.

• Scoreology.

• National Debt Relief.


If you find a credit repair company that interests you, make sure you apply the above rules before contacting them. Make sure they are transparent in their practices, explain things in easy to understand language, and if they use any time of pressure-filled, or fear driven, language, walk away.