Debt management plans charge you fees as the cost of doing business and providing services. It is one thing to fully understand the fees charged to you. It is another thing entirely to be able to afford them. Debt management companies have the right to charge you a reasonable amount of money within the state and/or applicable federal regulations. 

These companies also make money off the annual percentage rates they charge, and possibly even from the principal. Often this principal is built into each monthly installment payment you make. Consumers enlist a debt management company because they are in debt and need financial relief. Debt company fees could charge so much in fees that it makes it impossible to afford to hire them

Learn How to Get Waived Fees With Debt Management Plans
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However, most debt companies realize it is better to have your business without the fees than to lose your business.

Fee waivers with debt management plans essentially waive some or all fees associated with your plan. Setup fees, monthly fees and more are possibly being charged to you.

Explain to the company you are unable to afford the fees and ask for them to be waived.

Also be sure your debt management company is only charging you a maximum average of $50 per month in fees and does not ask you for a voluntary financial contribution.

It is crucial to understand the maximum amount of fees a company is permitted to charge you by law in your state. Knowing this helps you determine if your debt management company is legitimate or a scam.