In some cases, applications for SSDI benefits may be denied by the Social Security Administration. This generally occurs when an applicant’s disability has been reviewed and is not sever enough to receive benefits. There’s no need to stress if your application for SSDI has been denied. You may be able to request an appeal that can potentially get your case reviewed and approved. 

Your chances for a successful appeal can be improved with the help of an experienced disability lawyer. In fact, about 90 percent of all applicants who have been denied SSDI benefits work with a disability attorney on their appeal. Most of the best Social Security disability lawyers offer to screen their client’s appeals for free to see if they have a viable case before proceeding.

Has Your SSDI Application Been Denied? Learn How a Disability Attorney Can Help
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A Disability Attorney can serve as your authorized representative during an appeal of a Social Security application denial to help you:

  • Complete all the necessary forms required for your application.
  • Gather all of the required information and documents for your appeal.
  • Meet with the SSA to help figure out the details of your case.
  • Represent you when appealing your case to an administrative law judge.

Since most disability attorneys only receive payment in cases that they win, you have a high chance of a successful appeal if your case is taken. Disability attorneys will help you track down essential documents such as medical records and test results to help you win your case.

However, you are not required to get a disability lawyer to represent you if you do not want one. You can also choose to represent yourself while you are appealing your case.

Whether you choose to represent yourself or recruit the help of an experienced disability lawyer, you have the right to file for an appeal of an application denial for SSDI benefits.

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