5 Ways to Get a Lower Car Insurance Rate

It is a fact that you must have car insurance to legally drive on the road in the U.S.  However, this does not mean you need to overpay for the required insurance. Finding a lower rate on your car insurance means you must plan to spend some time reeducating yourself so that you understand how to lower the monthly cost.

Luckily, most drivers can reduce their monthly car insurance premiums by using one or two of the following tips. Here, learn tips on how to find the best low auto insurance rate. 

Use The Smart Way to Compare Car Insurance Quotes
car insurance quotes
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The smartest way to compare all the various car insurance quotes is to first determine what it is you need from a car insurance policy. If your car is older, and paid for, then you need less insurance than if you are driving a new vehicle for which you are still making payments. 

Once you line up what it is you need from your insurance policy, avoid looking at the basic packages for companies. This is because many companies offer extremely low rates for their basic starter packages but then for each additional item you need the price goes up significantly. 

Often these starter packages are inadequate to meet state requirements. 

So why do the car insurance companies offer low rate car insurance starter packages? Simple. To lure the unwary consumer onto their website or into their offices. 

Once you are on the page, hoping to pay a low rate for car insurance, you quickly find that in order to meet your state’s requirements you must add on additional “riders”. These additional coverages (called riders) drive up the cost that in the end, you’re paying much more than the advertised price.  

So what do you look at when making a comparison on car insurance quotes? Make sure you review various combinations of collision, personal injury protection (called PIP in the industry), uninsured motorist coverage and comprehensive coverage. 

Most sites allow you to mix and match these coverages and then offer you a quote based on the combinations you select. For most states the bare minimum is PIP and uninsured motorist coverage.

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