Medicare Part C, also known as Medicare Advantage, offers extended coverage beyond what is featured in Medicare Parts A and B. Medicare Part C also combines some coverage elements of Parts A and B, making this plan advantageous for those who qualify.

Because Part C includes some of the same coverage features of Parts A and B it is necessary for prospective Part C enrollees to already be qualified for and enrolled in Parts A and B prior to enrolling in Part C.

Learn How to Get Special Coverage Options With Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C)
medicare part c

Extended coverage, Part C is often referred to as Medicare Advantage Plans. You must purchase this type of plan through an insurance agency offering Medicare C plans. Compare costs for these plans with at least three different companies because the costs vary widely. 

Medicare Part C extended-coverage features include dental, vision and hearing services not included in Parts A and B. 

If you find yourself needing these types of coverages regularly then opting for Medicare Advantage can save you money each month. 

Part C also covers qualified physical fitness classes, transportation to and from certain medical appointments and various health/wellness training. One significantly beneficial feature of Part C coverage is its customizable options.

Enrollees are capable of adding or removing certain services and coverage options for financial and medical reasons.

Part C coverage plans are only sold on the open market via private insurance companies and are not available directly through the Medicare or SSA websites. Federal rules and regulations apply to all Part C coverage plans to ensure quality and fairness to all members, however.