In order to determine whether an unlimited cell phone plan can save you money, you must consider how you plan to use your phone, how many people in your family will be on the plan, and what your commitment level is to a plan. 

So, before you make a decision, there are some factors to consider to determine if unlimited cell phone plans are the right option for you. Consider the following pros and cons of unlimited cell phone plans:

Can an Unlimited Cell Phone Plan Help You Save?


  • Unlimited Access to the Internet

If you are spending a lot of time on YouTube, sending heavy graphics, or streaming live events, then you will appreciate having unlimited data. This plan allows you to do everything you wish to do on the internet without any data restriction.

  • High Variety of Phone

If you are hoping to buy the latest phone, you will have a wider choice with a contract plan like the unlimited data plan than if you go for a prepaid option. You can even get a phone free from service providers if you subscribe to unlimited data.

  • Priority During Network Traffic

Compared with prepaid plans, most service providers usually prioritize subscribers with unlimited plans when there is a lot of traffic on the network. However, that may be negligible if you live in an area that hardly experiences service problems. 


When compared with a prepaid plan, an unlimited cell phone plan has the following disadvantages:

  • They Are Expensive

Certainly, an unlimited plan is the most expensive cell phone plan. Hence if you do not get value for your money, it may not worth subscribing to.

  • You are Hooked to a Contract

Life is not predictable, and presently, you may need a lot of data to warrant an unlimited plan. But in a few months, something you did not anticipate may change everything, and you may not need the data as much again. But you are already hooked to the contract and must continue paying till the contract expires or pay a huge cancellation fee. Also, if the service turned out not to be as good as you expect or a better technology was developed, you cannot easily change your plan as you will if you are using a prepaid plan.

  • You May Be Tempted to Spend Time on Unproductive Internet Activities

The time you spend on the internet is equally important. In the attempt to get value for your subscription, you may be tempted to spend time meant for other activities on the internet. 

You may think it is not costing you anything to spend a whole day on the phone, but if you have more productive things to do, spending unnecessary time online may be dangerous.