A prepaid plan is among the most popular options average users go for, and there are many reasons for this. Oftentimes consumers will switch back to a prepaid plan from a contract plan because they have fewer requirements by the company, and real savings. 

But, before you make the switch. It’s important to know your options. Some of the benefits of choosing a prepaid plan include:

Learn Why a Prepaid Plan May Be Your Best Option
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Full Control: You have full control over your monthly usage and what you pay. You can decide to limit your data usage, phone call, and text messages to a certain value based on your budget. 

No Contract: You are not hooked to any contract, so you can easily change from one service provider to another without having to pay any fee.

No Credit Checking: Since there is no contract, then you cannot be hindered by a poor credit rating. There will be no credit checking, and you can subscribe irrespective of your credit rating.

Cheaper Cost: Prepaid plans are usually provided by the MVNO who can afford to sell at a lower cost since they do not spend on network maintenance.

You Only Pay for What You Use: One of the major advantages of prepaid plans is that you only pay for what you use. Therefore, if you choose to take a break from some of your regular activities that consume data or involve long phone calls, you do not have anything to lose. You can even take a break from your phone for a few days, maybe to write an exam, go on a vacation, or focus on an important project.

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