Find Out How to Lower Your Cable & Internet Bills by Bundling

Bundling is a marketing technique whereby companies combine a line of products and services and sell as one product. It could mean packaging your electricity bill, internet connectivity and cable TV bills into a “bundle” and selling as one package. 

Savvy consumers know that bundling is a good way to receive a discount across several different types of services offered by the same company. However, not all bundling packages save you money. Here’s a few ways bundling can be beneficial and where to find the best bundling services.

Learn How to Save Money by Bundling
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While bundling serves to help you save money on your internet and cable bill, you need to understand that people establish companies to make a profit for their investors and themselves. These profits come from the fees charged to the consumer. The best way to save money by bundling is to compare shops across several companies, and to let these companies know you are doing so. 

Often when companies know they are competing against another company’s bundling package, they are willing to negotiate and offer even more discounts on top of the advertised pricing. 

If you want to save money on a cable/internet/phone bundle then not only compare the exact category of bundle across several companies, but compare features and amenities. To place it into perspective, imagine you are comparing hotel rooms in the same vacation spot. You are not only interested in the room, but in the amenities and location as well. 

It is the same with bundling. Compare the features and narrow down your choices to those companies whose offerings are similar in nature and offer the most features for approximately the same price.

The chances are good that if you take your comparison figures into each company, the company whose charge is slightly over the others will gladly reduce it to match. 

A good question to ask any company is if the services are offered directly from the company, or if they contract services out to a third-party company. If it saves you money it may not matter. 

However, when a company contracts out to a third party, very often they must increase the overall cost of the bundle to cover the fees to the third-party company. And keep in mind that if you have service issues you may find yourself having to contact the third party for support instead of the main company you bundle your services with. 

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