The U.S. Federal Pell Grant is only one form of financial aid available to students with exceptional financial need. The only situation where a student is required to repay educational grant money is if the money is misused.

Grants have other exceptional benefits as well. For example, a student awarded money from one grant program is still allowed to receive money from other grant and financial aid sources. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) is another one of those valid sources.

Up to $4,000 May Be Available to You With Federal SEOG Grant
seog grant

The federal SEOG grant is awarded to undergraduate students experiencing significant financial hardship. Similar to the Pell Grant, only certain educational institutions participate in the program.

Money is disbursed to winning students via the financial aid office in each participating college/university. The amount of money awarded through the federal SEOG grant ranges between $100 and $4,000 per year.

The amount of money each recipient receives is dependent on his or her level of financial need. Supply and demand also affect fund availability, and therefore the time of year your application is submitted affects the amount of money still available. Before you apply for the SEOG, the best first step is to research whether the university or school you plan to attend accepts funding from SEOG. 

Other factors affecting the amount of federal SEOG grant money available to you include:

  • The limited amount of money your educational institution receives for total disbursement to all qualified students.
  • The amount of other financial aid you are simultaneously receiving.
  • Whether your college or university is a participant in the program.