Applications for the federal SEOG grant are submitted using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. It is advisable to apply for this grant as early in the year as possible. Unlike the Pell Grant, funds from the federal SEOG grant are limited and therefore not disbursed to every qualified student in need.

Once the funds run out for the current year no more SEOG grant money is awarded until the funding period renews the subsequent year. 

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Deadlines for application submissions vary per school as well. Research the website for your educational institution or contact a school representative inside the financial aid office for more SEOG deadline details.

Money awarded from the federal SEOG grant program is often applied to any outstanding tuition or other bills owed to the school by the winning student. The funds are occasionally paid directly to each student as well.

Federal SEOG grant money is disbursed a minimum of once per school term, and may happen at the beginning of a semester. Schools not using a semester, trimester or quarter-based system are required to disburse the funds a minimum of twice each academic year.

Applications for the federal SEOG grant are only accepted from students who do not already have a bachelor’s degree. Students are required to submit an application for the SEOG grant annually in order to maintain eligibility and continue receiving the funds. 

There may be limitations on students applying to graduate school as SEOG is primarily utilized for undergraduate expenses.