Discover the Top 8 Jobs for Retirees

Discover the Top 8 Jobs for Retirees

Are you interested in having a senior career post-retirement? You’re not alone. According to an AARP survey, around 13 percent of retirees 45 years old or older are either searching for employment or still working. Of this amount, 13 percent of retirees received Social Security benefits, 8 percent were receiving a pension from an employer, and 4 percent had an IRA.

Part-time jobs for seniors offer additional income to help supplement their retirement earnings. Some retirees also continue working for other benefits, such as aiding their community, adding structure to their day, or furthering their social interactions. Jobs for senior citizens are often less physically demanding and may include a more flexible schedule.

Have you found yourself asking, “What are the best part-time jobs for seniors near me?” Look no further. Here are the eight best jobs for seniors over 60.

1. Pet Sitter

One of the best forms of employment for seniors is being a pet sitter. Pet sitters watch over other people’s pets from the comfort of their own home or by visiting the owner’s home while they are away. This provides seniors with a chance to bond with new furry friends while providing a flexible schedule.

Websites like Wag and Rover have made pet sitting easier than ever before, and seniors can choose the clients they’d like to take on and which animals may be a better fit for someone else. Seniors can also choose to walk dogs as a means for extra income and to improve their own health and stay active.

2. Resort Worker

Are you still wondering, “What are the best jobs for retirees near me?” If so, it’s worth taking a look at employment opportunities in the hospitality industry. Jobs at resorts and hotels are great for seniors as many of these employment places encourage a lot of social interaction.

If you’re a people person, hospitality work could be an excellent fit for you. Many hospitality positions, such as working at the front desk or housekeeping, don’t require a lot of energy, and many of these places of employment offer flexibility.

3. Substitute Teacher

If you’re interested in a senior career after retirement and you have a degree and experience in education, a substitute teacher job can be a great fit. Substitute teachers enjoy very flexible schedules. You get to choose when you want to work, and you can turn down jobs when you are tied up with other commitments.

Substitute teaching is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life and ensure that learning continues uninterrupted, even when a regular teacher is away. Substitute teachers can inspire students and shake up the norm in a classroom, bringing a fresh perspective to learning.

4. Writer

One of the best part time jobs for seniors at home is in the writing industry. There are many opportunities and jobs for seniors at home in writing, including blogging, newsfeeds, proofreading, resume building, and more. You can find many opportunities online to write about various topics, allowing you to find subjects that interest you the most.

Your previous career can also help you write about topics you’re familiar with, such as law, finance, and nursing to name a few. These jobs often include a flexible schedule that allows you to work when you want to, and the work can be done in the comfort of your own home.

5. Housekeeper

Another great option for employment for seniors is housekeeping. Housekeepers are in high demand. They’re necessary for practically every employment place, and many people will also hire private residence housekeepers to assist with daily or weekly tasks. Housekeeping jobs can be very different based on the employer. Many agencies offer seniors flexible schedules and allow them to pick and choose which job sites they’d like to work at, while providing a block of time that a job must be completed within.

Housekeepers who choose to work in private residences can work with owners to find times that fit both their schedules. Housekeeping can include various work duties, including removing garbage, vacuuming, restocking amenities, dusting, mopping, and so on.

6. Call Center Customer Service Representative

If you’re looking for part time jobs for seniors, you should review customer service opportunities in your area. Customer service representatives work in call centers (at office locations or remotely) to help resolve client issues, sell products, provide troubleshooting, communicate changes to policies, and more. The type of work that is performed depends on the type of call center you work for.

While many customer service representatives that work in call centers speak with customers over the phone, some call centers specialize in online chat or email correspondence. Not only do these forms of employment provide a lot of social interaction, but they may not require a lot of energy, and seniors can often remain seated throughout the day.

7. Assisted Living Worker

Are you asking, “How can I learn more about assisted living jobs near me?” Assisted living jobs are great for seniors who want to make a difference in their community while being social. A senior career in assisted living allows seniors to spend time with individuals who are often older and who may share many of their same experiences.

Assisted living facilities do not commonly require a medical background for employment, as these facilities do not provide medical care to residents. Duties may include helping residents perform daily tasks, serving food, light housekeeping, and preparing meals.

8. Tutor

If you’re looking for a senior career after retirement, consider the knowledge and skills you already possess. Do you have an educational background? Are you a musician, a painter, or do you participate in any other creative art form? Tutoring is a fantastic opportunity that allows you to share your knowledge with others.

You may be able to tutor from your own home, from your client’s home, or an outside location. Tutoring also offers a flexible schedule that lets you choose what clients and jobs you’d like to commit to. Tutoring sessions may include a handful of sessions or a long-term arrangement.