You are recommended to apply for SSDI benefits as soon as you get a disability that prevents you from working in order to receive assistance as soon as possible. Applications to the SSA for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are accepted in person and over the phone, but online applications are the most convenient method.

Online applications through the Social Security Administration will not require you to make an appointment and you can even start your application and save it to finish up later. This makes online applications the most convenient option if you think you may need time to collect all of the necessary documents and information.

Learn How to Apply for SSDI Online with No Wait Times or Appointments Necessary

The simple application process will guide you through each step and inform you on which documents you must provide. However, you may receive additional assistance from a disability lawyer who can guide you and help you handle your disability claim. In order to apply, you will need to provide information regarding:

  • Your full work history
  • You and your family/household members
  • Your medical condition

Once your application for benefits is approved, your family may also be eligible to receive SSDI payments. Typically, family members such as dependents or spouses will be able to receive about half the SSDI benefits that you receive. 

Once you receive your application decision notice in the mail, it will provide you with all the information you will need in order to find out who in your family can qualify for additional SSDI payments. 

Here are the three methods to apply for SSDI benefits from the Social Security Administration:

  • Apply Online: Applicants can begin their online application through the Social Security Administration website, which can be located here. In order to log in and create an account, applicants will be required to provide their Social Security number. 
  • Apply Over the Phone: In order to apply by phone, applicants can call 1-800-772-7213 from 4 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Monday through Friday so they can schedule an appointment for a phone application interview. Typically, a phone interview can take between one and two hours to complete. Applicants who have a hearing impairment can call TTY at 1-800-325-0778 for an appointment.
  • Applying in Person: SSDI applications must be made with an appointment. Applicants can locate and call their local SSA office by visiting the office locator tool on the Social Security Administration website.