As with many products purchasable online in modern times there is a risk of being conned by scam artists. This is especially true for elderly consumers making policy purchases online with little experience using online tools and technology. What are the best ways to get a life insurance quote online and avoid the scammers?

The first thing to do is research your life insurance company of choice on public forum/review websites. Websites such as and contain statements and reviews from real life insurance policyholders. It is also possible to consult the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and discover if your life insurance company of choice is accredited, has a positive BBB grade/rating, and if any official complaints have been filed against it.

Discover the Best Ways to Get a Life Insurance Quote Online
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Word-of-mouth both online and in-person provides a fantastic gauge of how credit a company is or is not.

Most life insurance companies provide approximated or even exact quotes online.

Most companies also ask for your email address and other personal information in order to provide those quotes, however. Create a secondary email address used only for specific online activities such as this. Doing so prevents scammer companies from accessing your real email address.

Many high quality companies have contact phone numbers as well.

Call the company to verify if the email address on their website is current and valid. Speaking to a human being on the phone provides a sense of comfort and security prior to simply submitting your email and other personal information randomly online. 

Finally, if you are an elderly consumer, submit your information for life insurance quotes online in the presence of a trusted friend or family member. Having someone you trust help you with this process almost completely eliminates the possibility of being scammed.

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