Many agencies are willing to offer lower monthly payments on car insurance if you are willing to take a short online driver’s refresher training course. In many instances it is possible to combine the good credit report with the online traffic school course for a significant savings each month. 

Do you have traffic violations on your driver’s license? If so this one factor increases your overall monthly premium. 

Go to Traffic School and Get Insurance Discounts
traffic school discounts

However, there are ways to correct for this.

One way to remove points from your license is to take a defensive driving course through an online traffic school. 

Make sure you ask your insurance agency which driving school they accept completion from because many agencies have agreements with certain traffic schools and may not accept one they do not have an agreement with. 

What’s more, each state regulates their car insurance rules. This means that depending on the state you live in, there might be different rules to pass the driving tests. However, depending on which state and where you live, you could potentially be offered a discount which could save you from 5% to 15% each month on your policy just by taking the driving course. 

The driving courses that can make you eligible for discounts are varied. You can take a defensive driving course, advanced driver improvement course, or ADI course, protective driving course, or a performance driving course. 

This savings on car insurance is true even if you do not have any traffic violations or points on your license.