Medicare Part A is one of the two integral parts of what is also referred to as original Medicare. Medicare Part B is the other element of Original Medicare although it does have different policies and enrollment terms.

Enrolling in Medicare Part A is not automatic for people under age 65 and it is important to understand the enrollment process prior to signing up for the program.

Find Out How Medicare Part A Can Cover Your Hospital Services
medicare part a

The first step to enrolling in Medicare Part A, when you are under age 65, is to make certain you have an active account with the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Medicare and the SSA work closely together to make sure people in need of healthcare coverage are qualified with as much brevity as possible. It is necessary to prove you have received Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Railroad Retirement Board benefits for a minimum of two years when enrolling for Medicare Part A.

If you have End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) it is necessary to have paid into Medicare for a minimum of ten years prior to enrolling, although once accepted no additional waiting period will be enforced.

It is possible to enroll online through the and/or the SSA websites. It is also possible to enroll by U.S. mail or in person at your local Social Security office.

Standard documentation is required, including proof of your residence, citizenship or alien status, identify and more. People who do not qualify for free Medicare Part A are permitted to purchase Part A coverage for approximately $250 to $450 premiums per month.

Premium amounts and the amount of other expenses are based on your income level and other considerations.