Learn About Benefits and Discounts for Military - And How to Apply for Them

Military veterans or service members are offered many helpful benefits and savings provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). VA benefits can be used to help you purchase a home, pay your college tuition, receive job training, and much more! There are also a number of different military discounts that can help you save money over time.

For example, many auto insurers, retail stores, restaurants, and other businesses offer discounts to military servicemembers and veterans. These savings and benefits should be taken advantage of by all military veterans because it can help them save money and secure their future.

Use VA Education Benefits to Cover College or Trade School Tuition!
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Military veterans will be able to receive job training certification or attend a university through the various VA education benefits such as the GI Bill. The GI Bill is a major education funding program that gives service members and veterans the chance to pursue their education or career goals after their military service is complete.

GI Bill Requirements

There are a few different GI Bill programs that have their own eligibility requirements. The most important eligibility requirement for VA education benefits is that all applicants must have received an honorable discharge at the end of their service. A dishonorable discharge will result in the forfeiture of GI Bill benefits.

Here are a few of the GI Bill programs and their different eligibility requirements:

  • Montgomery GI Bill – In order to be eligible for this program, veterans must have served on active duty for a minimum of two years. Benefits from the Montgomery GI Bill will offer education benefits for a maximum of 36 months, or three years. 
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill – This GI Bill extends education benefits to veterans who served on active duty after September 1, 2001. Veterans will be covered for tuition and school fees, and they may also receive additional money for books, housing, and other costs.
  • VA Education Benefits for Dependents – The education benefits from the VA can sometimes be extended to eligible spouses and children of veterans or military servicemembers who have died or experienced a disability due to their service.

GI Bill Benefits

Recipients can use their GI Bill benefits at a technical school, college, university, or other high education programs. Many online schools also accept GI Bill benefits in order to cover tuition and other expenses. The flexibility of GI Bill benefits also beneficiaries to find and afford the right education programs to help them meet their career and education goals.

Depending on the program, VA education benefits can be sent directly to the applicants or they can be paid to the educational institution. Standard GI Bill education payments are made out directly to the student, who will use the money to pay for their tuition, room and board, and more. However, recipients of the Post 9/11 GI Bill will:

  • Have their tuition sent directly to the school.
  • Directly receive a monthly payment for housing.
  • Receive money for school supplies and books at the start of each semester.

Beneficiaries of GI Bills have a lot of flexibility with where they want to go to learn. For example, GI Bill benefits can be used to fund a standard college degree, or it can be used to pay for:

  • Flight training for pilots.
  • Apprenticeship training.
  • Licensing and certification.
  • Tutoring assistance.
  • Standardized testing and national testing programs.

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