To begin the process of filing a personal injury claim, you will need to first seek out medical care for your injury. Then, find a personal injury lawyer who you trust to support your claim.

This is important because they will need to defend your case in the event that it goes to trial. Here are some ways that you can choose the right personal injury lawyer for your personal injury claim:

How to Start Your Personal Injury Claim
personal injury claim

  • One of the best ways to find a good personal injury lawyer is to research and contact lawyers in your area to find out more about their experience representing plaintiffs with their claims. Ask your friends and family members if they have a trustworthy personal injury lawyer that they can recommend to you.
  • You will need to check the availability of personal injury lawyers in your area to see which attorneys are available on a contingency basis to take your case. 
  • Visit attorneys for a free consultation to see if you feel comfortable with them and if they are willing to represent your case. Make sure you bring all the necessary documents and medical records with you.

Once you find an attorney, they will begin the process on your injury claim by:

  • Notifying the party that is responsible for your injury and their insurance company about the claim you are filing.
  • Collecting evidence about the circumstances of your injury.
  • Negotiating an out-of-court settlement with the responsible party and their insurance company.
  • Filing the claim and beginning their process of defending you in the event that the responsible party does not agree on the settlement.