Several ways to lower your monthly rent costs with Section 8 are available. Many U.S. workers are employed full-time but still bring home low wages. If you are working and still struggling with financial hardship, it is possible you qualify for Section 8 housing assistance. Section 8 requires you pay a portion of your total rent equal to thirty percent of your adjusted gross income. 

This means qualifying for Section 8 housing assistance potentially reduces the amount of rent you have to pay each month by as much as seventy percent. Suffering from qualified disabilities or serious illnesses might also qualify you for Section 8 housing assistance.

How to Lower Your Monthly Rent Costs With Section 8

This is especially helpful when your illness and/or disability impair your ability to earn a living.

People already receiving Section 8 housing assistance are potentially able to reduce their rent payments even further.

The amount of rent you pay with Section 8 housing assistance is reduced by $14 per month for each qualified dependent living in your home. Your rent is also reduced by $14 per month when you suffer from qualified disabilities. 

Disabled and elderly Section 8 recipients are also permitted to deduct qualified medical expenses from rent when applicable. 

Medical expenses are also deductible for other household members under specific conditions. Utility allowances are also deductible from or calculated into your rent amount when the utilities are not included as part of your lease. 

A Disability Assistance Deduction is also permitted when one household member is working and another is disabled.