Government agencies provide many rental and housing assistance programs for Americans in every U.S. state. Private charitable organizations also provide rental assistance to qualified individuals and families in need. Funding for rental assistance through local charities is often provided by private donors. Sometimes the donors even remain anonymous. Supply and demand are competitive and therefore funding is frequently in limited supply. 

How do you find local charities providing rental assistance? What types of charitable organizations provide this type of help to households in need? Churches are a primary source of rental assistance funding and other housing resources. The Catholic Charities is a major religion-based charitable organization offering rental assistance and housing/shelter to people in need.

Don't Forget to Check These Charities for Help With Rent Payments
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The United Way, the American Red Cross, Lutheran Services, DoNotPay and various community action agencies are also viable charity-based organizations offering rental and other housing-related assistance to qualified U.S. residents in need.

Charity-based rental assistance is not government regulated. The amount of funds available and qualifications requirements for each organization vary greatly. 

Begin by contacting local churches and inquiring about rental assistance programs they offer or know otherwise are available in your area. Conduct online searches seeking charity-based rental assistance. Visit your local library to seek more information as well. 

Some churches and charitable organizations do not provide rental assistance but do provide other forms of assistance capable of mitigating your financial hardship. For example, attending food banks helps reduce your monthly grocery expenses. Some organizations provide vouchers for grocery stores or reduced utility bills as well. While the latter options are not direct rental assistance, reducing other expenses helps you put the money they help you save toward your rent.

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