How to Lower Your Monthly Rent Payments and Save $1,000s Through Housing Assistance

Housing is particularly expensive in modern times. The pandemic created major housing issues in the U.S. during the last two years. Housing issues including evictions and foreclosures cause problems for renters and homeowners alike. It is possible to pay lower monthly rent payments with housing assistance if you use the proper programs, however.

The Salvation Army facilitates housing assistance programs. Housing assistance exists for veterans as well. Government housing programs such as Section 8 help people buy homes and lower monthly rent costs. Local charities also offer rental assistance. Read more about how to lower monthly rent payments with housing assistance.

How the Salvation Army Can Help Cover Your Rent and Utilities Payments
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The Salvation Army was founded a century and a half ago during the year 1865 in London, England. The organization reached the U.S. in 1880 and has been continuing its community action and social assistance work in the country ever since. Most people think of the Salvation Army for its hunger relief programs, but in truth, it also combats human trafficking, sets up youth camps and helps find missing persons. 

The Salvation Army also helps provides housing and utility assistance to qualified people in need. 

Housing assistance comes in many forms to meet the many needs of people across the nation. One-time rent or mortgage payment programs provide a temporary solution for individuals or families in need. 

The Salvation Army also provides emergency shelter and group home residences as temporary assistance to combat homelessness. Transitional living centers are also part of Salvation Army housing assistance programs. 

Beyond financial assistance, the Salvation Army provides education, counseling and vocational training to people at risk of becoming, or who already are, homeless.

Assistance with utility bills is also provided in various forms. The Salvation Army is active across the entire U.S. and available programs and qualifying terms vary in each state and regionally. 

Programs sometimes help qualified households avoid shutoffs by paying entire past-due utility bills. 

The Salvation Army also sometimes pays a portion of a household’s utility bills for an entire year. Qualifying for rent and utility assistance from the Salvation Army is based on financial need and the urgency of each applicant’s situation. 

Funds are limited therefore those with the greatest needs are assisted first. 

Contact your local Salvation Army in person or fill out an online assistance request form at the website.

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Updated on 05/17/2022