Some seniors may prefer a prepaid phone plan so they can avoid getting stuck to a long-term cell phone contract with one provider. These plans are sometimes referred to as pay-as-you-go phones and they can be a cheaper option than contract plans, making them a good option for senior citizens. 

As the name suggests, prepaid plans are paid for in advance using credits that will allow you to access cell phone service with your mobile device. When you run out of prepaid credits, your service will be cut off. If you want to continue using the prepaid cell phone plan, you will need to buy more credits. 

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senior prepaid phone plans
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This option makes it easy to switch between plans or stop paying for a cell phone plan altogether more conveniently.

Verizon Prepaid Plans – Verizon wireless offers different prepaid cell phone plans that can be a good fit for many seniors. This prepaid plan can be used with the LG Exalt, a modern, durable flip phone at an affordable price of $169. There are many different ways to customize Verizon prepaid phone plans to fit your specific budget and cell phone needs.

Jitterbug Prepaid Plans – GreatCall offers a few types of Jitterbug prepaid plans that are affordable to seniors. These plans also work with great senior-friendly phones that are designed with seniors in mind. 

For example, the Jitterbug Flip is a senior-friendly phone that offers helpful features like extended battery life, easy-to-use camera, large keypads for typing, and much more. Seniors who are looking for a more technologically advanced phone can get the Jitterbug Smart2. 

This tech-friendly smartphone stays accessible to seniors while offering more advanced smartphone features than the Jitterbug Flip.

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