Find Out How to Keep Your Phone Bill Low With These Senior Cell Phone Plans

Senior citizens nowadays are more connected to their loved ones than ever before because they are using cell phones. From a standard and affordable flip phone to a more tech-filled smartphone, having access to a cell phone can be a valuable tool for seniors to have.

Seniors can benefit from keeping a cell phone in many ways. And with help from special plans from providers, having a phone as a senior can be affordable. Continue reading to learn about your options below!

How to Find the Best Senior Cell Phone Plan for You or a Loved One
cellphone plan for seniors
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With a cell phone, senior citizens can more easily stay connected to their family and have the ability to contact help if there is an emergency. Many smartphones also come with additional accessibility features such as enlarged text or text-to-speech. The first step to getting a cell phone is finding the right cell phone plan for senior citizens.

If you are looking for a contractual cell phone plan that allows multiple users to share the same plan or you want to pay for additional features such as unlimited data, these plans might be best for you:

Consumer Cellular – This cell phone service provider actually specializes in providing cell phone access to senior citizens. Consumer Cellular offers affordable cell phone plans for seniors in addition to access to an assortment of different cell phone devices. This service provider is a good option even if you already have a cell phone because you can simply add a Consumer Cellular SIM card to it.

If you are looking for a bigger option like a tablet for video chatting or using apps, then you should consider the Consumer Cellular GrandPad. The GrandPad was designed with accessibility for seniors in mind. 

Money-saving tip: AARP members can receive additional discount on a cell phone plan from Consumer Cellular!

AT&T Senior Cell Phone Plans – AT&T is a major cell phone service provider that offers plans that are tailored for senior citizens. The AT&T Senior Nation plan is a cost-effective option for seniors who do not want to purchase a smartphone. This affordable plan costs $29.99 per month and is only available to seniors who are at least 65 years of age.

Verizon 55 & Older Cell Phone Plan – Verizon is known for having one of the best unlimited cell phone plans available for senior citizens. Although the plan is a bit pricier at $60 per phone line, there are tons of added benefits such as unlimited talk, text, and 4G data. Verizon also offers some of the best streaming capabilities with their service.

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