Congress is planning to settle its COVID-19 reassurance funds. Due to this, some American families will receive a monetary bonus. These funds include an upgraded $1,400 amount and an additional child tax credit (CTC) that amounts to more than $14,000. For many struggling families this adds up to almost $8,000 in additional income this year. 

For example, if there are four members in a family with a salary less than $150,000, this would qualify them for up to $5,600 in the new improvement check cash on top of the $2,400 received in January ($600 per individual).

How Much Can You and Your Family Get in Stimulus Cash?
stimulus money family of four

Right now, the stimulus money is tentatively set to be disbursed late in March. 

However, additional provisions are being discussed. If the new bill is embraced, then a typical family of four could see an extra amount of $6,000 to $7,200 per family.

According to the new proposition, the calculated amount increases to a total of $3,600 per child up to six years old, and $3,000 for six to 17 year old children. This is only for married couples with earnings under $150,000. 

The new arrangement would allow families to get the CTC installments on a monthly basis. Overall, there is a total amount of around $14,000 for a family of four under consideration. Extra Federal Unemployment Benefits are not included in this amount.

 In the new Coronavirus relief fund, unemployed people will receive an extra $400 a week. The extra monetary assistance is pointed toward aiding people and families to survive the economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic.