You will get your installment as an ACH to the account that the IRS has on record. Most Americans have received their first and second stimulus checks with the next round set to go out at the end of March. Just in case the IRS does not have any on-record information for you, your installments are sent through credit/debit cards or in the form of checks. 

Keep in mind that the IRS never calls or sends an email regarding your stimulus money, so anyone claiming to be from the IRS and is communicating in this way is most likely a scammer. 

When Should You See Your Stimulus Money? Learn Tips Here
stimulus money

The Economic Impact Payment Card is issued by Meta-Bank, N.A., and the Treasury seal is clearly shown on the envelope. 

To speed-up the entire dispersal procedure, the Bureau of Fiscal Service will transfer a predetermined number of installments by debit cards for those not opting for direct deposit. According to the IRS and Treasury Department, the “Get My Payment” option allows you to keep an eye on the date when you should receive your check or debit card stimulus payment. 

Normally, it takes around 14 days to get your payment.

However, if you have not received any of your stimulus money you have several options. First, you can call the IRS and find out why it has not been issued. In many instances it is that the IRS does not have a current mailing address for you, or they sent the check to an address where you no longer live. 

The other option is to claim the amount you have not received, on your tax returns this year. In this instance, it is added as a tax credit and removed from the amount of money you are taxed on.